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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Gannets, Gugas and a Shag @ RSPB Bempton Cliffs

The Gannet and Guga that I am following near Bartlett Nab

Due to circumstance, I was only able to spend half a day on the cliffs at RSPB Bempton. With the Auks (Razorbill, Guillemot and Puffin) now departed to the safety of the sea, there is still much to see on the cliffs, notably Gannets, Kittiwakes, Herring Gulls, Fulmars and Shag. The juveniles of these species are of varying ages and it is nice to see the varying stages of development. One of the questions on the children's Gannet Trail quiz is "What is a young Gannet called?". Information boards give this name as a "Guga" but visitors often ask if this is true - the answer is yes! Most of this posting is of images of Gannets with their Gugas and as you will see they are of varying ages. As a variation to the theme, I couldn't resist an image of a Shag bathing on the sea c350ft below Grandstand!

"My" Gannet Family near Bartlett Nab! Now c12/13wks and will soon leave the cliffs.

Gannet Admonishment!

Down there, my son, is your future!

Gannets and Gugas (Big age variations!)

"Look Mum, I'm a big boy now!"

Spot the juv Kittiwake!

Due to it's proven success, Donald Trump has increased his use of Gugas to test and model his hairpieces!

At least half a dozen Shags were on the water below Grandstand (c350ft) and I just had to photograph this one bathing!

Oh! And finally, from Bartlett Nab looking towards Flamborough


Wendy Bartter said...

Great pics Kevin, good to see birds still around, not one Kittiwake at Baltic Centre middle of today!

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you Wendy. Large rafts on the sea with both adult and juveniles on the ledges. Will be sad when they depart.