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Monday, 6 June 2016

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 5th June 2016

Bridled Guillemot

The cliffs today were, at last, bathed in sunshine but still rather cool as the northerly blow did its best to eradicate the viewpoints of cobwebs and chill the volunteer guides (as well as our guests!). It was good that the sea fret had done a runner, allowing the wildlife to pose well for the many cameras!

Can't a Jackdaw have any privacy?

Life on the Edge - Auks

An unwanted gift? This Guillemot brought a fish to the cliffs, probably to present to its mate, but remained in the vicinity of Guillemots for nearly two hours without handing it over! Several Guillemots and a Razorbill attempted to "steal" the fish but this bird held onto it!


Bridled Guillemot


Gannet with Chick. This Gannet is rather special to me as I've photographed it's arrival on the ledge, the arrival of it's partner and the ceremonious greetings, the presentation of gifts to each other, the birds mating and now this week, the hatching of the chick! I failed, however, to photograph the incubation!

Blimey Mum! You're heavy!!

And, of course, the Puffins!

Bending over backwards to be photographed!

"And where do you think you've been all this time? And I told you to get some sand eels for tea....!"

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