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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hoddy Cows Lane, Buckton


The walk up Hoddy Cows Lane, Buckton to Buckton Cliffs is always a pleasant opportunity to touch base with farmland birds! Today, the path was rather muddy with large puddles to negotiate after the recent rainfall. A Lesser Whitethroat singing near the large gates was too much of a challenge (again) and remained un-photographed! Interestingly, I had the lane to myself, maybe due to the large, deep puddles, only meeting the farmer on my way back. The upper lane fence posts gave opportunities to photograph Skylark, Corn Bunting and Common Whitethroat.

Sky Lark

Corn Bunting

Common Whitethroat

A well hidden Sedge Warbler

Buckton Cliffs gave views over to Filey

With an Immature Gannet in "stealth" mode, practising to be a missile!


Interestingly, an unattended Herring Gull chick and eggs!

The changing landscape around Hoddy Cows Lane also begs to be photographed! The naked furrows in earlier posts are now host to potato plants!

Arable farming is predominant along the lane and I could not help but try to remember some of the words from "Fields of Gold" [Sting]:

"You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Among the fields of barley...."

Even the posts can be made to look photogenic!

At the start of Hoddy Cows Lane is Buckton Pond. Here I was treated to an aerial conflict between a Grey Heron and two Carrion Crows!

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