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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Life Tick @ Scalby Mills - American Wigeon

American Wigeon

Our last stop off this afternoon was at Scalby Mills, hoping to touch base with the American Wigeon. A small group of birders were on station outside of the Sea Life Centre looking out to sea. The tide was coming in, but it was at least an hour before high tide. The American Wigeon was lurking in a pool, a long way out and viewable through a scope (thanks Steve Race!). American Wigeon (life tick) was in the bag - but would it come closer? Some lucky birders have images of the American Wigeon very close to the sea wall (well done!), but tonight it decided to be "challenging"! While waiting in hope, my attention was drawn to other activity.

First, Second and Third! (Wigeon)

The Incoming Tide!

American Wigeon

Interestingly, the American Wigeon spent a lot of its time in the company of a female Eurasion Wigeon. Could love be in the air?

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