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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Scottish Birding in Early Autumn (3) - 27th August 2015


Today was to be a long one, a two hour drive up to Ullapool in order to catch the ferry to Stornoway and a repeat for the return journey. The main aim of course was to view sea birds while dashing for shelter on deck when the heavy squalls descended! Ullapool harbour held several Red Throated Divers which got everyone off to a good start! While waiting to check in on the ferry in Ullapool, I couldn't resist this Rook!


Once the ferry set sail, numerous Dolphins were soon spotted with Harbour Porpoises and Common Seals. Birds of note were Gannet; Shag; Common Tern; Fulmar; Kittiwake; Great Shua; Arctic Skua; Manx Shearwater; Guillemot; Razorbill; Hooded Crow; and Storm Petrel (last seen by me 45 years ago!)


Great Skua

Manx Shearwater


Hooded Crow (Stornoway Harbour)

This Trawler heading into Stornoway had many good birds in its wake!

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