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Friday, 22 May 2015

Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale (Peak District) - 19th - 21st May 2015


A few days away camping in the Peak District, centred around Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale, was primarily intended to be an introduction to camping for our dog, Symphony. An account of her big adventure can be seen HERE.

Of course, any walk in the countryside is also going to include wildlife and with camera in hand, it would have been rude not to oblige! Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pack my tripod and the dark conditions along the rivers Bradford and Lathkill proved a challenge with my non IS Canon 400mm 5.6 lens! I hoped I would see Dipper and was not to be disappointed but the surprise of the day was finding two pairs of Mandarin Ducks, one pair on the Bradford and one pair on the Lathkill!


Grey Wagtail

Mandarin Ducks



I nearly ended up in the water with them when I shouted to Heather "Trout" and she thought I was saying it to her!

Mallard Ducklings

Up against the flow!


Tufted Duck

Penny Toll Sign

About forty years ago, I was a serious racing and touring cyclist and rode along Lathkill Dale, inspired by one of the great cycling writers Albert Winstanley. The sign below indicating restrictions and a penny toll is still prominent today as it was then - perhaps less foliage then!