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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Draycote Water Grebes

Black Necked Grebe

The long staying Black Necked Grebe at Draycote Water will probably be off fairly soon and I really wanted to see it as its summer plumage emerges. So, it was a very quick visit to Farborough Bank and luckily the grebe showed well fairly close to the bank. Camera set up and switched on the........"ERR"! What? Back to basics and switch off, then on - still "ERR"! Take battery out and replace with a spare = success, Phew!!! So, with three species of Grebe, I decided to take images of each one!

Black Necked Grebe

Dabchick (Little Grebe)

Black Necked Grebe with Dabchick

Great Crested Grebe

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