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Monday, 9 March 2015

Selfish and Thoughtless........?

Black Necked Grebe

I had some business to sort out at the Draycote Water visitor centre shop today. Knowing it did not open until 1000hrs, I took the opportunity of walking along Farborough Bank to the spit, in order to touch base with the long staying Black Necked Grebe. This morning, the BNG was very confiding - UNTIL - along comes Captain Birdseye! He drove his boat directly and deliberately to where I was standing on the bank, before parking it close to the bank! Of course, this caused anxiety to the Grebe , which promptly took flight and I lost it as it headed to the centre. Now, Draycote Water is vast, there were only three boats on the water, so I consider this a selfish and thoughtless and deliberate action. Whatever happened to each enjoying their chosen hobbies without causing issues with others?

I suppose he may have wanted to show me his "tackle", if so I was really unimpressed!

1 comment:

Colin Wise said...

perhaps he thought that if a grebe was there, then there must be fish lol