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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Natural Drama on Carlton Pool, Brandon Marsh - 16th July 2014

Sitting in the Carlton Hide at Brandon Marsh this morning, Ian and I were contemplating the similarity of the pool and watching paint dry! Suddenly, Ian said "What's that Heron doing?" Well, I hadn't even seen the Heron, but dragging myself away from the boredom, I looked over to the back of the pool. The Heron had got hold of a rather large juvenile Moorhen which it was doing its best to kill! The battle went on for about ten minutes, with the hapless Moorhen spending time between the Herons beak and claws. It put up a brave fight for its life. Eventually, the Heron tried to fly off with the Moorhen, but it could not hold it and the Moorhen dropped back to the pool. Remarkably, the Moorhen swam into the reeds to escape its fate! One wonders if it suffered minor injuries or was mortally wounded, we will never know! Nature is cruel!

The Battle!


Mike Attwood said...

Drama indeed Kevin. I've seen herons do things similar but never with a creature that size. Good post.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Mike. The largest I've seen was a Redshank chick! Just wish I'd thought to video it!

Central Birder said...

Great set Kevin, I've also seen Heron's taken more than they can handle at Carlton pool. I went last night and it was very quiet only one Barn Owl was the highlight!

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Steve. Its makes a day when something "out of the ordinary" occurs! As yet, I haven't seen ANY Owls, any where this year!