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Saturday, 19 July 2014

An hour to kill! - 19th July 2014

(?) Dark Green Fritillary

Abigail was singing in the choir at St. Marks Bilton at a wedding, which gave me an hour to mooch around the church yard. With very few birds about, my attention was drawn to the butterflies around some of the overgrown grave stones. It was very humid, much to my dislike, and I was soaking wet through sweat! My attention was drawn to the (?) Dark Green Fritillary (above), which gave me a good run for my money, only managing this one image, that I had to put on facebook to identify it! (I'm no expert on butterflies and moths!). Not a lot of variety but hey ho it was enjoyable! I'm sure you will correct me if my identification is wrong!



Speckled Wood

Green Veined White (I think)

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