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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Swift Valley Nature Reserve, Rugby


Being a poor pensioner, my birding is now restricted to the local reserves that I have neglected over the years! One such reserve is Swift Valley, a real gem that is well looked after by Chris, Neville and their loyal group of volunteers. The efforts put in here are a credit to the team and I really must muck in and lend a hand! While taking images at the feeders, Neville crept up on me, causing me to enter orbit! He was about to replenish the feeders so I gave a hand, regretting getting down low as my knees almost gave way, making getting up a little awkward! A good couple of hours were spent here with some good birds coming into camera range.

Marsh Tit

Coal Tit

Long Tailed Tit




Great Tit


Reed Bunting

Blue Tit


Di Stone said...

You'll need something to keep you out of mischief then Kevin. Never been to Swift Valley so will watch with interest your volunteering efforts

Kevin Groocock said...

Early days Di! I'm not good at manual work, but happy to follow instructions! Swift Valley is a WWT reserve with similar birds to those at Cathiron.