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Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Draycote Water "Crane" Joke!

It had to happen! Standing on Farborough Bank at Draycote Water this morning, a guy approached me, informing me, "Blimey, mate, you've got a bigun"! Resisting the temptation to reach for my flies, I assumed he mean't my camera and lens! Any way, he asked if i'd seen the Crane near the valve tower? Assuming he was mistaken (even though he had bins around his neck), I tried to bring the conversation around to suggest the Crane was probably a Grey Heron. No! No! It was definitely a Crane he insisted. Thinking now that he was not going to be swayed, he said "you can see it from here" "and with your big lens you can get a picture"! It then dawned on me, that "I'd been Craned framed" and a Crane was indeed over by the valve tower! With a big grin, he walked on! The joke was very much on me!

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