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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Warwickshire Waxwings

I had already placed Waxwing on my 2013 list, but who can resist a Warwickshire Waxwing? So a quick trip over to Rowan Drive in Warwick, soon had me onto six birds in the berry bush, just off the busy Coventry Road. A few images as I got my camera set up on its tripod and all was set for some good views. However, gormless Gordon appears on the scene! Driving out of Nelson Lane onto Coventry Road (A429) he comes, hardly able to see over the dashboard, peaked cap in place over the white hair, he looked like he was 120years old! Sitting alongside was hapless Harriet, of equal age and a facial expression not dissimilar to a dogs bum! CRASH! Gormless Gordon has just driven through the road closed sign and bollards! Not bothering to stop, he was off towards the hospital and i'm sure he had no idea of what he had just done! Of course the Waxwings were also off, now numbering ten birds, and did not return when I left, frozen, an hour later!


Mike Attwood said...

Excellent shots Kevin and a 1st class description of the accident.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Mike.