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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ducking, Diving and 'Crests!

Great Northern Diver @ Shustoke Reservoir (image 28th November 2012)

The start of a New Year usually involves tracking down birds from the previous year in order to get them on your new lists. Today, I started at Shustoke Reservoir with the aim of adding the Great Northern Divers. The water was still and the Divers were soon located, together, but in the centre of the reservoir, and flatly refusing to come anywhere near as close as they did for me in November! At least eight Goosanders were also present. 

Another aim, was of course to continue getting to grips with the 7D. Make up your own mind on how I'm doing! Any advice on settings will be gratefully received!

Today's Great Northern Divers

Song Thrush

Next stop was Edison Road on the vast Hams Hall industrial site where a Firecrest had been reported. A couple of birders looking over the bridge on Edison Road drew my attention and the Firecrest was on my list! Unfortunately, the Firecrest was very mobile, resulting in a few disappointed birders and it was certainly not hanging around for a photo! Also in the area were many Goldcrests, Siskins, Lesser Redpolls, two Ravens and a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


Not a bad days birding and for once a very mild and dry day!


holdingmoments said...

I'd say an excellent day.
Goldcrest never sit still long enough for me. Well done with the Lesser spotted too.

Kevin Groocock said...

It was a good day with some great birds. Lesser pecker was a long way off!

Mike Attwood said...

Happy New Year Kevin.
You got more in one day than I got in a week in Wales.

douglas mcfarlane said...

Goldcrest,Firecrest,Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and GND that's a dream of a day, well done, glad you're still blogging on here too Kevin.

Central Birder said...

Hi Kevin a great few days and lovely shots too, take a look on YouTube as some bods more than likely made a series of 7D how to videos etc? I did this with my Canon it helped greatly!



Kevin Groocock said...

Happy New Year All!

Mike, having worked all over the "festive" period, it was nice to get out and have a good day!

Doug, not sure what happened with blogger, it would not let me upload, saying I was over quota and had to pay to continue! I didn't pay and now can upload again. Strange!

Steve, I'll have a look at youtube. Also, got a book and some advice from others. Guess it'll take time and practice!