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Monday, 17 September 2012

Another Daventry Controversy!

Reports of a Blue Winged Teal at Daventry Reservoir had many birders arriving for a three hour search. I arrived not knowing if it was a drake, duck or juvenile! Lee Evans arrived and with the aid of mobile phone technology, a lively debate ensued. Eventually, the Blue Winged Teal was downgraded to a hybrid / cross with Shoveler! Another Daventry controversy - remember the Yellow Legged Greenshank thingy?

I offer below some images and comment is obviously welcomed!

Anyone in for a "two bird " theory!


Martyn said...

3 bird theory? Perhaps both Mum (BWT) and Dad (Shoveler) were out there! Such a shame as when it stretched, the pale blue forewing looked perfect. But that beak. Interesting how perception of loral spot varied in different light conditions. As Lee Evans said, you live and learn.

All the best.

Kevin Groocock said...

Agreed. Daventry is one of my local patches but i'll think twice about rushing over there next time! Good to meet you!