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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nature in the Raw - Minsmere, Suffolk July 2012

Nature in the Raw! The juvenile Coot was happily on the water of a pool near the Bittern Hide at Minsmere. The Marsh Harrier hovers above and the Coots fate is sealed. The Marsh Harrier hovers above the unfortunate Coot, descends taking hold and drowns the Coot by holding it under the water for about 10mins. The Marsh Harrier then stays on the water until satisfied it is dead and then tries to fly off with the Coot in its talons. The weight of the Coot and the water pressure necessitate several attempts to get airborne. Eventually, lunch for the juvenile Marsh Harriers is secured. A truly amazing sight of Nature in the Raw - but not appreciated by the "Robin Strokers" in the hide who were appalled that such things happen!

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