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Thursday, 14 June 2012

In the Garden


Symphony is the latest addition to our family! She is c3/4 Cocker Spaniel and c1/4 Retriever.

A few moments spent in the garden this morning - between entertaining Symphony!


Early Morning

An hour later

Dunnock (Juvenile) The only survivor

House Sparrow

Blue Tit


Isidro Ortiz said...

Bonitas y variadas fotos,me gusta mucho las del Acentor comun.Saludos

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you, your comment is very much appreciated.

Gracias, tu comentario es muy apreciada.

ShySongbird said...

Symphony is just gorgeous Kevin! I adore dogs. Great name, coincidentally we used to have a dog called Melody.

Lovely photos from the garden.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thanks Jan. Symphony was named by my daughter who is heavily into music. At the moment she is taking up a lot of time, hence the time in the garden today.

Mike Attwood said...

Fancy name for a dog Kevin. What do you do when you call it to heel? Whistle.

Kevin Groocock said...

Its not that trained yet, Mike! She's only 7weeks and not had any injections yet. At first it was very strange calling her Symphony but its getting easier!