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Thursday, 15 March 2012!

My plans were well and truly thwarted this morning by the FOG! To amuse myself, I placed a number of images on Facebook!! It will be sunny tomorrow as i'm working!

Draycote Water this morning.....!

Brandon Marsh this morning.....!

Napton Reservoir this morning.....!

"I am not impressed"!.....and I guess Abigail will be plotting my painful demise!!

How was it for you dear?.............

(1) Sir, Your prostate is quite normal.......!
(2) Madam, your cervix is only 3cm dilated........!

Now Sir, you haven't opened your bowels foe ten days? You're obviously constipated, but I will need to do a PR!

Late Job? Late Job? You know what you can do with your late job!

Under the cover of fog, now is the time to wreak havoc on the fishing boats at Draycote! Revenge for deliberate disturbance!


Central Birder said...

Oh its a hippo at Napton! I couldn't make it out on my Blackberry. No doubt you're totally cheesed off with this fog?

Kevin Groocock said...

Absolutely! Just had a quick walk at Draycote and the mist is coming in thicker! It will be sunny and warm tomorrow as i'm at work!

Mike Attwood said...

A man with a sense of humour. Nice post.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Mike. Its amazing what a combination of fog and boredom can do!