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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A pleasant but quiet local days birding.

Here come the Gulls!

I was tempted to head to Eyebrook Reservoir in search of the drake Green Winged Teal, but instead, decided to stay local and visit Napton Reservoir. The day was mild, sunny and "spring like"! Napton held all the expected birds plus c7 Common Snipe. Having scanned the water, with nothing too exciting, I decided to concentrate on some of the common species. A day list can be found at the end of this post.

The Graceful Mute Swan


Here come the Gulls!

Black Headed Gull

Mallard in Flight


Todays Sightings:

Mute Swan; Great Crested Grebe; Mallard; Tufted Duck; Kestrel; Wigeon; Dabchick; Coot; Moorhen; Black Headed Gull; Wood Pigeon; Green Woodpecker; Common Gull; Canada Goose; Skylark; Pochard; Pied Wagtail; LBB Gull; Gadwall; Dunnock; Wren; Snipe; Blue Tit; Blackbird; Teal; Shoveler; Starling; Collared Dove; Redwing; Robin; Great Tit; Fieldfare; House Sparrow; Chaffinch; Goldfinch; Magpie; Rook; Greenfinch; Jackdaw; Carrion Crow; Bullfinch.


Max Silverman said...

Draycote is not the place it was Kevin.Where are the fancy Grebes and Divers?

Kevin Groocock said...

Draycote is a dead loss! I much prefer the Northamptonshire and Leicestershire waters!