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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Grey (Red) Phalarope - Daventry Reservoir

A Grey Phalarope was reported late yesterday afternoon at Daventry Reservoir, but with a meeting to attend, I could not get. This would be my first Grey Phalarope for three years, so I was keen to touch base with it. I arrived at Daventry Reservoir at first light and made my way onto the dam for a scan. With water levels very low, the bird was soon located off the east shore. It showed well but the light was very poor and deteriorated to drizzle!

Of course, I could not be in Daventry and not have an altercation with a dog. I was not to be disappointed as a large hound took its owner along the dam. Creeping up behind me, its "WOOF" nearly had me swimming with the Phalaraope! The owner apologised as he put the dog onto its lead, but felt the need to blame me as the dog did not recognise me as a person due to the equipment (scope & camera) I was carrying!

The images below are rather disappointing, due to the poor light & drizzle, but serve as record shots.

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