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Monday, 27 December 2010

The River Avon Bittern - Newbold on Avon

It was not what I expected! Getting ready to go out to work, a phone call from John Judge alerted me to the Bittern he had found on the River Avon at Newbold. Could I make it? You bet I could and I was soon enjoying the sight of the Bittern, in the open, on the river, with John, Richard and Dave. Fantastic! However work was calling and I could not stay very long.

The Icicle


Max Silverman said...

More good stuff over Xmas Kevin.I dare not go out with my car so poor in the snow.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers, Max - i've been working all over Christmas so my trips have been very limited in time. The Bittern was an excellent find by John Judge. Car wise - I can see you getting a "Chelsea tractor"!