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Sunday, 21 November 2010


Not a lot of birding today with a number of chauffering duties to undertake. While driving up Bilton Road hill towards Rugby, a Kingfisher flew across the road. This was so unexpected! I suppose it may have found a garden pond to its liking, the only other watercourse being the small Sowe Brook.

A casual glance at Twitter provided yet another unexpected surprise. Four Waxwings reported in the carpark at Brandon Marsh! Off I went, with a couple of texts to Keith Yates to see what news he had, and the Waxwings were confirmed although he had only seen one. Of course, there was no sign when I arrived despite an hours scanning. A large flock of Siskin and Lesser Redpoll provided some interest. I must admit that I do not regard Twitter as a good way of putting out news - had it gone onto RBA, I would have been half an hour earlier and my quest would probably have been in the bag!

Cest le Vie!

Post Script - I am now reading a report of eight by the visitor centre and probably the original four by the carpark just after 1500! I don't believe it - so close yet so far! Gutted is an understatement! I'm giving up looking and will see them when I see them!

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