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Friday, 17 September 2010

Snettisham Waderfest 13th September 2010

One of the highest tides of the year promised to send thousands of waders off their feeding grounds on the Wash in a spectacular that has to be witnessed first hand, and no image can ever do the event justice. I joined hundreds of others at Snettisham just after first light and waited. Over the Wash, tens of thousands of waders created "sky pictures" as they were forced off the mudflats. Unfortunately, they did not land on the nearby pits so my hoped for close ups did not materialise.

Waders included: Curlew; Redshank; Ringed Plover; Grey Plover; Dunlin; Curlew Sandpiper; Knot; Turnstone; Avocet; Greenshank; Black Tailed Godwit. A Great Skua began harrassing but unfortunately, I only managed a "fly away" close up.


Great Skua

Great Skua

Waderfest (Spot the Curlew Sandpiper!)




Ringed Plover

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