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Sunday, 22 August 2010

No Longer a Virgin!!!

Ospreys - Rutland Water Manton Bay

Well it had to happen! A window of opportunity opened, I took it and I am no longer a Bird Fair Virgin! After 22 years I finally made it through the turnstiles. Was I impressed, well yes and no. The organisation and support from the exhibitors was second to none. I did feel that the foreign holiday companies overwhelmed the marquees but of little use to someone who has never flown or even been on an airport! This fact seemed to throw some of the "pushier" vendors, much to my delight, and I really should have come clean to one Gambian tour operator when I informed him I could not have a passport due to some "misdemeanours"! (I do actually have a passport - never used, though!). I could easily have parted with £10000 for a new Canon camera and lens, but I did not have this amount so this purchase will have to wait until I retire, then I could call myself "a photographer"! Eventually, after four hours touring the stands, I began to feel claustophobic and needed to do some actual birdwatching. I headed down to Manton Bay bridge just off one of the bends on the A6003. Here, good but distant views were had of the Ospreys but necessitated an ongoing battle with hundreds of cyclists and a non stop stream of cars. Overall, a good day, glad I made it, but the Bird Fair is not really my scene.

(Although not really a birding day, a list of sightings can be seen at the end of this post).

The Manton Bay Flasher? - Grey Heron

Ospreys - Rutland Water, Manton Bay

(More images can be seen on my website - see link opposite)

Todays Sightings:

Great Crested Grebe; Cormorant; Little Egret; Grey Heron; Mute Swan; Canada Goose; Grey Lag Goose; Shelduck; Mallard; Gadwall; Shoveler; Pochard; Tufted Duck; Buzzard; Osprey; Hobby; Coot; Moorhen; Green Sandpiper; Ruff; Black Tailed Godwit; Lapwing; Snipe; Black Headed Gull; LBB Gull; Common Tern; Wood Pigeon; Collared Dove; Green Woodpecker; Swallow; House Martin; Pied Wagtail; Robin; Blackbird; Sedge Warbler; Chiffchaff; Long Tailed Tit; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Starling; Magpie; Jackdaw; Carrion Crow; Rook; Tree Sparrow; House Sparrow; Chaffinch; Goldfinch.


Max Silverman said...

Love the Osprey shots Kevin.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers, Max. The Manton Bay bridge gets you a lot closer than the hides - just got to put up with traffic!

Monica and Tony said...

We like the Birdfair but did not go this year, agree re all the holiday stands though - too many when, like you, we do not travel. Also many of the lectures are based on travels abroad. Do enjoy the Art, Books, Photography etc instead.
Your Osprey shots are really good Kevin but be very careful on that bend there are a number of accidents there. When we sat in Shallow Water hide the other week we heard a thud and the helicopter had to come. We were worried it would upset the Ospreys but they were fortunately unperterbd.
Hope this British summer gets better! Not been out much.

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi both and cheers re Osprey shots. Must admit it was my first time stoppong at Manton Bridge and must admit that I did not feel comfortable! I parked up the hill and walked down but some birders parked on the concrete area opposite - one nearly had a vehicle run into him while negotiating the kerb. Also concerning regarding the cyclists, I was nearly carried away on someones handlebars!(but it is a cycle/footpath). Weather wise, totally fed up as nice conditions when at work and inclement when off.