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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Brandon Marsh - It has to be said.........................

It has to be said that the number of vehicles being taking onto Brandon Marsh displaying "Warden" stickers is increasing. Several weeks ago I counted twelve. Today their were nine cars, in several locations, although two were probably fishermens. Why do these vehicles need to be taken onto the Reserve? If I wanted to see parked cars, I could go to Tesco's or indeed any car park. Today by the Olive bench four were parked. Cars should be left in the top car park and the occupants walk to the Reserve, warden or not. If equipment needs to be taken down, then one vehicle should be used for this purpose. I spoke to one of the senior Brandon volunteers who arrogantly informed me that a "constant ringing effort was going on" and did I know what this meant? Well yes I do - but it does not need all of the vehicles being taken onto the Reserve?! He then called me a "miserable sod"! Happy days!

Near the Olive Bench

This one was cunningly hidden!

I have a great deal of respect for the valuable work that the volunteers do at Brandon (and elsewhere). However, I do not want the Reserve to be spoiled by a car (or several cars) parked around every corner.

Rant over!


Keith said...

Hi Kevin, nice rant!! As you know I'm one of the volunteers at Brandon and often park in the lower car park near Lafarge. Although I wasn't on site today I'm aware of the 'ringing Group' activities and recognise the cars in your photograph. I will certainly pass on your comments at the next bi-monthly meeting as there are a number of valid points within that should be discussed. Please bare in mind though that the conservation team car park is the one next to the Lafarge works and the other car parks are provided for the angling club. I suspect that today was an exception to the norm as the conservation team very rarely drive beyond the lower car park.

Keith Yates

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Keith and thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I have met vehicles At the "Olive" bench area many times before and I am aware that they are normally ringing. On one occasion I was photographing a Grasshopper Warbler when one of the team calls it out to the others "over here". The bird soon departed (not helped by the comment of we will probably get a better view if/when we ring it later! I am aware that the car park near Lafarge is for the team and can see no reason for movement further onto the reserve. If equipment is an issue then surely it can be dropped off and the vehicles moved away? As for the anglers I see no need for their vehicles to progress into the reserve and could be left at the fishing carpark just below yours at Lafarge. Indeed, on one occasion, a fisherman had parked his car in the space next to the Wright Hide! Please be assured I am not having a "pop" at the good work carried out by the Conservation Team. I just want to be able to enjoy the Reserve without turning a corner and seeing a parked car. To be brutally honest, I would like to see all vehicles banned from the Reserve but I suppose I have to be realistic!

PS - the images were cropped to avoid registration mark identification.