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Monday, 28 June 2010

The Monster still to be Tamed!

I have a monster in my pocket that has still to be tamed! What is it? you may well ask (visions of ladies swooning as imaginations run into overdrive) - well, it is a new mobile phone. My trusty ten year old (+) sim card thingy has finally retired, and biting the bullet, I arranged a contract phone. I am now the owner of a touchy, feely, strokey mobile that is too scary to take out. It buzzes, rings and begs release to search the internet (and more) but when I touch it, the unexpected happens! Apparently its called a "smartphone", well it will need to be pretty ingenious to allow me to enter its deeper secrets! Any volunteers to educate me in the touchy, feely, strokey skills?

You may have guessed, but I do not do new technology!

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