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Friday, 21 May 2010

Wood Warbler (at last!)

Following on from my successful morning at Straws Bridge watching the Great Reed Warbler, I called in at Beacon Hill, Leics in the hope of seeing (and hearing) a bird I have not seen for four years - Wood Warbler. Not being familiar with this area, it was hit and miss as to whether I was in the right area, but consolation was initially taken in seeing my first for the year Spotted Flycatchers and Tree Pipits. I walked around in the heat, hoping. I thought I could here the Wood Warblers call in the distance but I could not be certain. Eventually, I spotted two guys in the woodland and was relieved to see that they had bird watching equipment and were not engaged in other "activities"! As I approached, the Wood Warblers call was more evident, and it was not long before I was having stunning views, some of which I share here with many others on my website.


col wise said...

nice one Kev - great pictures as usual

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers, Col. This one was quite obliging (once it was located!)My first for four years so well pleased.