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Friday, 14 May 2010

Temmincks (Lifer) Stint - Coleshill Gravel Pits

Temmincks Stint

Temmincks Stint

Temmincks Stint

Temmincks Stint

Temmincks Stint

Little Egret

Seeing reports of Coleshill Gravel Pits going through a purple patch, I felt I must pay it a visit for the first time, but as always, work got in the way. My main interest was to be the Temmincks Stints, which were originally three and reducing to two. Would they stay as this bird would be a lifer for me? Finishing my night shift at 0700 this morning, I took my life in my hands as I travelled up the M6 on auto pilot. Arriving at the end of Gorsey Lane, I soon found the footpath, hopped over the gate and watched from the bank. Were they still there? Yes, but it took me about thirty minutes before I located them both. Super little birds which stayed a little distant for my camera and lens, so I had to settle for the attached record shots. It was also nice to see a fly over Little Egret. As I was leaving I met Dave H arriving, so I will wait with interest for his images to appear!

For the benefit of any of my work colleagues reading this, when I said that I was going for a Temmincks Stint, I did not mean that I was going to be doing something rather rude behind a bush (as was suggested)!!! ( And yes, I am still getting over the foolishness of mentioning that I was going for a Shag at Draycote last year!).


col wise said...

glad you got a lifer Kev, I get one every week lol

Kevin Groocock said...

Thanks, Col. I have plenty more "lifers" to get. Although birding for many years, I do not "twitch", I only bird in this country and because of work, I often do not see birds until everyone else is bored with them (if they stay that long!). As a result, my life list is quite low.