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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Quick Visits

Still suffering the debilitating efects of the worst illness known to mankind (Man Flu!), I postponed my planned visit to Rutland Water. Instead with a few chores to complete, I stopped near Church Lawford in the hope that the long staying Bewicks Swan would be close to the road. It was not and I needed my scope to locate it in the field amongst the Mute Swans. Still, while watching, a year tick in the form of a Skylark sang overhead.

Needing to go to Dunchurch, I stopped off at Rookery Farm on Lawford Heath. Parking at the old barn, I walked down to the farm, but work was taking place so everything was disturbed. The Starling flock numbered around 1000, with 9 Yellowhammer, about 20+ Chaffinch, 50+ House Sparrow, and eventually 2 Corn Bunting.

Spoke again with the farmer who is still very unhappy with the 4x4 which parked on and caused damage to part of his crop field, and the number of large lenses being pointed towards the windows of the farm. The farmer is a friendly chap as are the other farm workers and would like any birders to park near the old barn and walk down to the farm. Remember, it is only the road that is public!

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