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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Harrington Airfield - Short Eared Owls

I intended to visit a new (for me) site at the old wartime airfield of Harrington (Northants), in search of Short Eared Owls. These birds have eluded me for many years and a sighting was well overdue. Unfortunately, and typical of my current luck, when I got out of bed at 1030 (just finished a night shift), rain, sleet and snow showed no sign of abating. However, some brightness at 1300 convinced me it might be worthwhile. Arriving at the "memorial" layby, a couple of hours scanning of the area produced one Short Eared Owl with another joining it just before I left. Although distant, (about 800+ yards) these birds were fantastic, quartering the long grass and concrete bunkers, especially when viewed through the scope. I attempted to get some record shots, not really expecting much joy in the misty conditions. My efforts are below (yes, I know, so please don't laugh!).

I will return, should we get any decent days. If anyone would like maps of this area, including an excellent Google Earth, please let me know.

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