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Monday, 1 February 2010

Grandborough Valley

Another night shift ends, a couple of hours in bed, then out to see if the Great Grey Shrike was showing in the Grandborough Valley. As has been usual, lately, the light deteriorated from bright to cloudy and dull, with a bitterly cold breeze. The Shrike was nowhere to be seen! A disappointment for the five birders hoping to catch a glimpse, and who had not yet seen it. The Linnet flock was down to about 70 birds, four Kestrel's and three Buzzard's were soon located, and the many Wood Pigeon's and Corvids seemed rather nervous - perhaps due to a Peregrine reported by Tim M as a regular visitor. Onlyother birds of note were three Green Woodpecker and one Gt Spotted Woodpecker.

I gave up after about two hours.

Tomorrow is a proper day off - but guess what? - it is forecast to rain!


Max Silverman said...

Kevin I went there in the morning 9.30-11.00AM.I didn't see the Shrike and didn't see any other birders.Did get very cold though.Shame as the conditions were great for getting decent shots.

Kevin Groocock said...

My feelings as well, Max. Felt sorry for the five birders who had travelled and dipped.