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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nothing Special

Having just finished a night shift, I needed to go to my caravan storage site to check that all was well and no damage had been caused by the recent cold spell. Happily, all was well.

Returning, I decided that it would be nice to call in at Church Lawford to see if any Bewicks Swans were still about. One was soon located in the field south of the A428 with the Mute Swans (1230pm). The north side held large numbers of Redwing and Fieldfare. My next stop was Lawford Heath and Rookery Farm. This has never been a really good stop off for me, and as on previous visits, I saw zilch. I must be looking in the wrong place! The afternoon was bright so I continued on to Grandborough in the hope of seeing the Great Grey Shrike in good light, but none of the birders present had seen it, and it did not show in the two hours I spent looking. The Linnet flock numbered about 200 and careful viewing revealed that no other finches were concealed amongst them. Three Buzzard and two Kestrel were the only raptors seen, but it was mentioned that a single female Merlin was near the barn earlier. The few assembled birders were a friendly bunch and it was good to be able to explain the locations of the numerous good birds currently visiting our area. All bar one well known local birder, who marched passed us with a grunt, and who appeared to dislike our presence! The cold eventually won and I headed back to the car.

Not being one for landscape shots, I could not resist the small clump of trees in the ploughed field resplendent in silhouette.



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