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Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year - 2010 wow! I was working until midnight last night but luckily finished on time, before all the "hobbledehoys" got going!

Unlike some of my birding friends, I will not be doing a review of 2009. Time and dates do not really mean much too me - I just get older! I am sure 2010 will not be much different to previous years. I do not make resolutions - pointless task! However, I have decided to just let the year unfold and take what comes. If I see and/or photograph birds, great, if I do not, then so be it. I will make no effort to try and keep up with those with more time. My job is stressful enough - I want my hobby to be stress free, otherwise there will be no point in pursuing it.

My new birding year will not start until 4th January. Good luck to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Stuart here from Alrewas Birder. Really enjoy your site and read your last post and it has changed my opinion for this year. I was going to go for everything but reading your blog changed my mind and I hink I am going to enjoy it more. All the best and keep up the blog.

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Stuart many thanks for your kind comments. Please don't let my Blog influence your birding intentions, but please, just enjoy what you do. Personally, I think birding can easily get too competitive and attempts are made to keep up with the "big boys". I shall just plough on, enjoy what I do, and attempt to help anyone struggling. Happy New Year and good birding.