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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Draycote Water

Let Sleeping Goosanders Lie

Dabchick - Lunch

Dabchick - Lunch


(More boring images on my website - link opposite)

I was in bed after a very busy night shift when I became aware of my mobile vibrating away. The messages from RBA and John J alerted me to a Green Winged Teal at Draycote in Toft. Unfortunately, I was not able to get out until late afternoon when the weather was threatening rain and the light was fading quickly. A brisk walk to Toft soon had me looking at the GWT, distant and in scope view. No chance of a photo here! With rain threatening, I set off back towards the visitor centre taking a high ISO pic of the dozing Goosanders (3m 1f) and observing the Great Northern Diver off Farborough Bank. 

I must admit that because time was short, I did not really search the water, and with the light fading fast, I gave up and headed home.


col wise said...

love the pic of the grebe Kev - that looks like a gudgeon it has in its mouth - these hug the bottom so they must dive quite deep.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers, Col. A poor light day! Not sure on the fish and bow to your knowledge on them. Not actually sure what Draycote holds, other than Trout!

Max Silverman said...

I was there on Thursday but I kept making the wrong moves.I was at Rainbow when Bob told me of the GWT and by the time I got there it was way across the other side!

Kevin Groocock said...

Bad luck, Max. It was really dark when I got to Toft and the GWT so distant it needed a scope to view!
Think I might give up with pics as every time I go out it rains or the light is poor or everything is distant!