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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Red Kite between Hillmorton and Barby

A pretty boring day shift today (0700/1900) saw me just over the border in Northamptonshire assisting colleagues from EMAS at a road traffic collision. Returning to Rugby from Barby at 1645, on the Barby Lane, a large raptor was seen over the road near the canal bridge. Red Kite! Believe it or not, this is the first Red Kite I have had so close to home (almost a garden tick!!!), superb views and NO camera!!!


col wise said...

thats a long shift Kev,but nice to be rewarded with a Red Kite, When I saw one at Norfolk I wasnt 100% sure what it was, I was actually on a hill (in Norfolk)I spooked this bird and it majestically swooped down and slowy flew over a field, but it was big and had a gorgeous terracota colour and a huge forked terracota tail and I was above it - alas no camera lol

col wise said...

ps the nice guy I told you about at Draycote was I think Max Silverman who comments on your posts, I have just seen a picture of him - well I think its him

Kevin Groocock said...

Really super birds, Col. I really must go down to the Chilterns to see them very close. Max is a very good photographer. Have you seen his blog? There is a link opposite. If you scroll down a few months, he has some superb Red KIte pics.

As for shifts, I do 0700/1900; 1200/0000 and 1900/0700. Yes, they are long which is why my birding is rather limited!

girlbirder said...

Just found your Blog Great Blog, Great Photos.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thanks, girlbirder. Work prevents me from getting out regularly so pop back once in a while for updates.