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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Sitting at home waiting for the garage to phone to say my car is ready for collection (or not!) having taken it in for its service and MOT. Anyway, I have decided to have a rant!

Natural History Societies and Bird Clubs Why do they not have someone to meet and greet new members? You arrive and enter to be eyed up by the assembled members. No one speaks or attempts to welcome you. You sit (on your own) feeling like a leper. The only saving grace is the speaker who is usually very good. At the end, you get up and leave, and again no one makes contact. At home, you reflect and remind yourself that the age of the membership is well over (ancient!) and no young members! These groups are going to die unless they breakout from their cliques! I rarely go now.

Bird Hides You enter a hide (at a popular local reserve?) and offer a greeting to the occupants. Usually a begrudging grunt is returned. The conversation (that you could here outside and several yards away) now becomes a whisper - and not out of politeness. The clique is in residence. You are an outsider. The ages are again ancient. You get a loud tutting if you dare click your camera, but it is acceptable to clunk drinking flasks and rustle sandwich wrappers. Eventually they leave (noisily) and a couple of inexperienced birders enter. Good conversation is had, the offer of scope views is made (and appreciated) and identification of some birds is confirmed. What a refreshing difference!

Photography I am not a dedicated photographer, and I am happy to photograph birds (and other wildlife) from a distance if necessary. I am usually pleased with my (amateur) results. However, recent activities of some photographers (and not just locally) make me wary to be seen with a camera! Come on guys, if I can stay back then so can you. Enough said as other blogs bare witness to my displeasure.

The 40 mph Elderly Driver I am not sure at what point in life that the 40mph maximum driving limit naturally occurs but the culprits are usually seen on main national speed limit roads, with an old but immaculate car, with wisps of white hair above the head restraint and a trilby type hat. This driver causes mayhem and frustration. Seen from the front, their facial expression mimics a dogs bum with a hat on! Senility has made them forget what the accelerator is for!

Just had a phone call to say my car is ready and no problems! Hooray!! Just the bill! I will now terminate my ranting (for now - but I may return................!)


col wise said...

Dont get me going Kev.
Since I have started watching and photographing birds I have come across some of the most ignorant people in bird hives that I have ever come across. I remember my 1st and maybe last visit to Brandon, the main hide was full and there was a woman talking and laughing in full voice I sat in the hide that was opposite and I could hear them (I think they had been doing some work)I thought there might be something worth seeing in there so I went in - the hide went quiet (for a few seconds) I was instantly judged and snubbed, I could not believe it that people of that age could be such snobs, it was if that they owned the place and you were tresspasing, these places are funded by us and are for all to enjoy - some people are lucky enough to volunteer and work at such places , I wish I could, wish I had the time to do it, and like them I would put my effort into making it wildlife and people friendly, unlike some of them I would also put effort in to getting people there and welcoming them (with camera or without). I am new to birding and do not know a few of the birds I spot so I take a record shot and part of the fun is getting home to ID what I have, it would be nice however to be able to ask in a hide.

As for driving ------ Middle lane motorway hoggers (my biggest hate) AND drivers who insist on driving with side lights when it is getting dusk (dont they realise that a car with headlights on thats behind them makes them virtually invisible, again on the motorway AND like you Kev people doing 30mph on a 70mph road (perhaps they are going birding)they should enforce minimum speed limits AND ...... blimey I could go on forever - thanks Kev I was in a good mood now when I get to work ......

Kevin Groocock said...

Sounds like you met the "regulars", Col!!!