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Friday, 4 September 2009

Manx Shearwater - Draycote (A Lifer!)

Had another bad night shift last night so went to bed this morning for a few hours only to be woken to my phone text informing that a Manx Shearwater was showing well at Draycote off Farborough Bank (Thanks JJ). Jumping out of bed and trying to find my clothes while still half asleep, I rushed out to see, what was a lifer for me! Didn't even finish my coffee! I was not disappointed as I joined the small group of birders on Farborough Bank, soon locating the bird at a distance but observation was hampered by a very strong, cooling Draycote "breeze". Luckily, the bird drifted towards the bank, but was harrassed by the gulls and sailboarders. I managed a few record shots and was very grateful for the image stabilisation on my camera lens. Also noted were Yellow Legged Gull. Walked back to the visitor centre with Bob H and en-route was put on to a flyover Osprey which headed down the valley towards Southam. Coffee and a sausage and egg bap were consumed before heading home. Indeed, a couple of hours well spent. I will await with interest the photographic results of the "big lens boys"!


Max Silverman said...

Dammit Kevin.I'm so jealous.Never seen one.Excellent shots.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers, Max. A lifer for me. You would have enjoyed the challenge of the Draycote "breeze". For the first time ever, I was down below the level of the perimeter wall!

steve seal said...

Nice shots mate, well done .

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers, Steve..