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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Birds in a Bush

Worked an overtime shift today (still paying for my new lens!) and despite a busy morning, managed half an hour in the Rugby St Cross Hospital grounds while on standby.

Just off the hospital approach road is a field used to house cattle with an obvious high bush / small tree in a boundary hedge. I see this hundreds of times in a week but hardly take any notice of it. Today, however, I spotted a number of birds flitting about and paid it a little more attention. Glad I did. It housed a female Blackcap, a Robin feeding two juveniles, but best of all a family of four Spotted Flycatcher's. Certainly made my day.

A check of the same bush later in the afternoon revealed nothing but a Magpie! Then I got a job...................ahh well.......................!!!

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col wise said...

Just goes to show Kev.