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Saturday, 4 July 2009


Driving home from Brandon yesterday evening, a warning symbol appeared on my dash, which on investigation suggested it involved the "control system for exhaust gasses". Stopped, switched off and restarted in the hope it would not return - it did. Normally, I would not be too worried. However, I drive a Skoda Octavia and the dealer 800 yards away has just closed as its parent company has gone bust. So telephone calls this morning to the nearest dealers in Coventry and Leamington left me with differing opinions. One said I should not drive the car until it had been looked at, the other said that I would be alright to drive it so long as the symbol was not flashing. It was not flashing. However, due to my work shifts, I cannot get the car to Coventry until after my night shift next Thursday. Then it will be investigated, and I bet it will need a part, which of course will not be in stock, meaning more trips.
Now, as my base is only 4 miles from home, I will take to my bicycle (and hope the weather remains fine!). But what a faff and how typical of my luck.

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