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Thursday, 9 July 2009

No New Camera Lens for Me!

How I must have looked in the garage this morning (minus the water!)

Well, I have been looking at and considering a new or second hand Canon 400mm prime or 100 - 400 zoom to hopefully improve my images. This has now been put on the back burner due to the repair carried out on my car this morning! The warning lamp proudly displaying on my dash was looked at this morning and resulted in the departure of nearly £400 for a new "Flap Motor" (whatever one of those is?) and labour. Having finished yet another very busy night shift, I had foolishly booked the car in at a Coventry dealer straight from work. The garage was superb and very efficient - they quickly identified the fault, ordered the part, picked it up and fitted it within 90 minutes! Or was it their desire to remove a very tired, uncoordinated, unshaven "scruff" from their showroom? I leave you to decide...............?

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