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Thursday, 2 July 2009

The "BIG" Heat!

Not much time for birding at the moment and very busy at work due primarily to heat related problems. Can people no longer use common sense? How hard is it to wear lightweight and loose clothing, drink water based fluids (2 - 3 litres per day), keep cool (wet flannel on forehead works well), rest, allow plentiful ventilation in rooms and attempt to keep still air moving? Well apparently it is very hard! And it is not just the elderly, who can sometimes be excused, especially if they are confused - but wait, surely family and carers can advise and monitor compliance with the above? Failure to be sensible can easily lead to constipation, urinary tract infections, falls / collapses and dehydration (sometimes death!) all of which can lead to hospital admission, where lots of nasty, hard to treat "bugs" await their arrival!

Typical call to someone feeling lethargic, lifeless, hot, clammy, sweaty, nauseous and not feeling like eating. Well try to take on board the above! 99% of the population are feeling the same - including ME who has just lugged all my emergency equipment up several flights of stairs to be greeted by a pathetic 22 year old (30+ years my junior), who seems incapable of accepting responsibility for their own well being, and then complains that the profuse beads of sweat from my brow is dripping on them!

I desperately need to get out birding ..............................!!!


Martyn Yapp said...

Sharp intake of warm breathe, you are starting to sound like me!

Annoying or what?

Kevin Groocock said...

Lol! Dark room, cold compress and a soothing massage is what I need!