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Monday, 15 June 2009


Little Owl

Little Owl


Yellowhammer - singing in the rain!
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I noticed a report on RBA yesterday for a Quail calling near Yelvertoft, and not having one on my year list, decided to pay a visit. It was a case of dodge the heavy showers though! The Quail was reported near the canal bridge but failed to utter a sound (if still there) for me today. However, on my way, I came across this very obliging Little Owl begging for its picture to be taken. The rain was quite heavy for a time and I decided to walk along the canal towpath where Yellowhammer presented very well and in full song. Rain turned to sunshine and it was time to remove the waterproofs as the temperature soared. Still no sound of a Quail though. Somewhere distant, a dog barked!

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