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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Draycote Water


One too many last night?

Now where did I put my...................................?

You put your left leg in, you take your...............

Vociferous Mallard thinking it can sing like a blackbird!

I worked an extra 1200 /0000 shift yesterday and finished late so did not get to bed until 0100 this morning. I really wanted to have a walk at Draycote, so set the alarm for 0600 enabling me to arrive at 0700 when the gates open. Was I tired? well that is an understatement! The cold north west wind and occasional light showers soon had me wide awake though. Pity it was so quiet on the water though. Met Richard and Dave in the car park and walked towards Toft, visiting the sewage works on the way (such a delight!). Only recorded 39 bird species and a fox. Chatted for a time with Lee J in Toft before heading back as decorating is still the bain of my life!

Common Sandpiper (1) on Farborough Bank, with Pied, Grey (2) and Yellow Wagtails(1); Sparrowhawk (1); Treecreeper (3) in Toft Shallows; Whitethroat (5); Willow Warbler (2); Sedge Warbler (2) were the best sightings.

I am sure that once I start wallpaper scraping, someone will find something! Not much in the way of pics either so a few common birds attached.

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