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Monday, 22 January 2018

Mid Winter on Bempton Cliffs - 21st January 2018

Guillemots (Spot the Bridled Guillemot!)

Looking at the weather forecasts, today was destined to be rather inclement with rain and wintery showers all day. It's a good job that weather forecasts for this part of East Yorkshire are generally wrong! The morning was bright and frosty with an increasing south westerly blow, with snow showers blowing in late afternoon. It was a great day to be out on the cliffs for a bracing walk and engaging with the wildlife!

As I arrived at the Dell, a Barn Owl briefly paused on a post - today was going to be good!

The sun was just rising over the hills, begging an image which I happily obliged through the bushes of the Dell.

Walking down to the viewpoints, the North Yorkshire costal hills beyond Scarborough were graced with snow!

No snow capped hills looking towards Flamborough but stunning views none the less!

As I approached the cliffs, the guttural sounds of Guillemots broke the silence, thousands of them, on the ledges, on the sea and in flight! I felt like joining them in song until I remembered (1) I don't know any words to songs and (2) I can't sing! Interestingly, there were only two Guillemots reported yesterday.

I am often asked "How can you tell the sexes of the seabirds?". Well this is how!

Bridled Guillemot

It was very noticeable that the Gannet numbers had increased, with many coming in close to the cliffs, almost landing but aborting and flying back out to sea. At Jubilee Corner five Gannets were on the cliffs at nests which was a pleasure to see.

Some decided to play "Geronimo"!

One of my favourite birds, the Fulmar, are also in good numbers and never fail to impress!

Great Black Backed Gull

Porpoise numbers were good. It is rare to see anything more than the dorsal fin break the water! I decided to try and photograph one, 400ft below me!

And finally, todays sightings!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Bridlington Harbour, Some of the Birds - 20th January 2018


With today being market day in Bridlington, I get the chance to wonder around the harbour while Heather attempts to earn money on our card stall to keep me in the manner in which I have become accustomed! Usually, early in the morning, I concentrate on the harbour lights reflecting in the water and on the sunrise. However, today the sunrise was hidden by thick grey cloud! A lot of people also wander around, taking in the workings of the harbour and this usually involves boats. Today, I decided to capture images of the bird life to be found in the harbour and its mud at low tide.

A large number of "fearless" Turnstone can be seen. This one is taking advantage of a discarded crab!

Purple Sandpipers can be seen on the harbour walls and rocks in good numbers at high tide, but a few take advantage of the mud to feed.

"Big Foot!"

Great Black Backed Gulls of varying ages can usually be found "loafing" around the harbour. This immature bird is enjoying a flat fish.

A mature Great Black Backed Gull, no doubt on the look out for an easy meal!

Nature can be very cruel at times. This is a severely damaged leg on a juvenile Great Black Backed Gull.

Black Headed Gulls

Herring Gull



The ubiquitous Mallard

And finally, the resident Barnacle Goose